Pixelated image when exporting


I have to export a lot of assets for a client, can be several thousands. I noticed that when exporting, some assets still have that pixelated rendering that looks like progressive JPG. I’m quite sure this is because when exporting, Figma hasn’t finished loading all the HighRed images. So I tried scrolling through all my images at more than 100% zoom and waited for Figma to load the complete image when it wasn’t. Did that through all my assets, launched export, and it still had that pixelation on some of them. I think by the time I had scrolled through all my images, Figma just decided to go back to low res for some of them, which is not very nice… Do you guys have any idea how I could resolve this?


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Hi @Vincent2 ,
This workaround may help you:

If you are still running into issue, would you mind reaching out to our support team so they can take a closer look? If you could share examples and/or file access that would be super helpful! Here’s the form

Hey, thanks for the help. I already contacted the support but they didn’t help yet, I contacted them yesterday so I can wait a few days. When it says the export panel, are they talking about the export panel where you set the export settings? Or the export panel that popups when you hit “export”? Anyway, I don’t find all the options they talk about in both of them. Attached print screens of what options I can find in both of them.

Thanks for the information, our team will reply you soon. As you have sent your file, our team will try to replicate and will be able to investigate further.

You are right, after double check, this option doesn’t appear on my side! Sorry for the misunderstanding.
In the meantime, here another tip: we generally recommend exporting your designs at a larger multiplier (2x) to create higher resolution exports and reduce blurry exports. You can read more here about the different export formats and settings we offer.

Hope it helps!

No worries, yes I’ll wait on them. Yes I know, I use to export at retina and non-retina for bitmap assets, but the issue is not about quality. I’m quite sure it has to do with progressive loading of the image because I can clearly a larger than the actual pixel grid of the image in the image. I’m pretty sur it has to do with Figma not loading the complete image data before exporting.

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Hello, I’m noticing the same issue. As Vincent2 says, I also believe it has to do with compression and progressive loading of the image. It’s urgent to solve this, as when I export images for social media (although that’s not the main goal of Figma) they are pixelated. Please get back to us ASAP. Thank you.

I’m also having this challenge. When will this be fixed?

I’m also running into this issue. Does anybody have a fix?

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