Percentage for two (or more) columns

Is it possible to add a percentage for two (or more) columns at 70% and 30% and they resize accordingly when changing the width of the parent container, rather then set widths or fill?

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Hey Sul! How are you doing?

Uff, that’s tables are definitely the nightmare of every designer and unfortunately we don’t have an easy way to do it, maybe Figma will create something to make this process easier, either with a widget or more advanced constraints, whatever.

Quick answer: yes, but not the way you would like to, if you are doing that forget about using auto-layout, but a way for achieving the result is:

  1. Set Initial Width:
  • Initially set the width of the 70% column to be 70% of the frame’s width, and the 30% column to be 30%.
  1. Set Constraints: Select your columns and click on the constraints section in the properties panel (on the right side):

There are many downsides when doing it and I could create a list of it but I think you have already noticed by yourself that this won’t work all the time. Below you find a video of the applied ideas:

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Ah, the second screenshot is here:

Feel free to reach out:

Superstar!!! Thank you so much @Thiago_Andrade1 for the breakdown!! I really do appreciate it :raised_hands:t3:

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