Percentage and column widths in Auto Layout for responsive sites

It would be great to be able to layout elements by column-widths or percentages for column based designs. If I actually had the ability to divide components and elements into columns the layout-grid wouldn’t really be a necessity.

The time it would save me would be immense.

Even having percentages would be a really good step.

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Hi, I am trying to create responsive columns layout with autolayout feature. It is working with equal width but not working with a different width. I am able to set fill-container for one but not the other column. I assume, we don’t have full flexbox, with max-width or %. or am i missing something here?

With the new update, layout is slightly changed and i also tried using two different frames with each sizes but that gives a similar result with only one column being responsive.

can’t upload the screenshot, as it is restricted for new user.

Thank you.

Sorry I don’t have a solution for you, but I would also like this as a feature. Almost all of our site components are determined by column width, and they are almost universally unequal within a row.

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Ok, Uploading the screenshot now, wonder if we get auto width, max-width or % feature.


I could also use this feature.

I’m trying to create a responsive layout with a left and right section of content.

I want the content on the left of the screen to always fill 80% of the screen, and I want the right content to fill the remaining 20% (which should happen automatically as there is only 20% remaining to fill)

This has existed in CSS for a long time. I imagine Figma should have this at the top of their priority list as it is used in a very common layout style.


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Please please please Figma implements this!!!

A work around I found myself to handle that in components is to create fixed with empty columns… but its such a mess to maintain

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