PDF export and bad encoding text

I would like to create a resume via figma and export it as a pdf, this way the algorithms that process resumes will be able to read the keywords in my resume. However, when I export to PDF and copy a sentence to paste it somewhere else, the text has encoding problems. In fact, when I do a keyword search on my pdf, no word is present (and for good reason, all the words are actually distorted).
Can someone explain to me why there is a problem with the encoding of the text? I have tried with several fonts and the problem is the same (but does not display the same result).


I don’t have this issue. I’d have to inspect your design to see what’s going on. If you’re not comfortable sharing your resume, please share a mock design where this issue occurs.

I can’t put the pdf in this answer but I can invite you on the project: https://www.figma.com/file/J5DDP1MSFj37ZbyLm9r8qc/Untitled?node-id=0%3A1

I don’t have any issues selecting or searching your text from the exported PDFs. I’ve tested in Chrome and Edge.

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