Paste to Replace makes arrows go whack in position and moves comment pins

Continuing the discussion from Paste to Replace sometimes causes the object to shift position:

When I’m trying to Paste to Replace a screen that’s currently connected within a flow (AKA there is an arrow that connects to it before, and it has an arrow connecting it to another screen afterwards), the connecting arrow from the replaced screen suddenly makes position of the arrows go weirdly up. I have to always double click the arrow to reset it to the original position.

Noticed it affects comment pins, too. I tried to Paste to Replace a screen that had a comment pinned on it, and after replacing, it displaced the comment to somewhere to the left. It’s happened every single time I do Paste to Replace that it’s getting a bit annoying :frowning_face:

Hi @ChiSenires do you have a video example of the issue you are seeing with Paste to Replace with the flow arrows?

Here’s a recording of the behavior: FigJam arrows going wack after Paste to Replace

I tried it with normal FigJam elements like the shapes and it doesn’t seem to do the same behavior as what I experienced. What I was trying to do initially was to put together a visual connected flow on FigJam using mockup screens from a design I’m working for. It seems like the behavior shows up if the element has a lot of arrows connected to it?

My expectation was that the arrows would just stay in place if it was placed within the component / screen but as shown in the video, it makes the arrows go up and down extremely.

Hope this helps :bowing_woman:

Hi @ChiSenires thank you for that video! I was able to reproduce this only when the layers are within a Section. I’ve passed this information along to our engineering team. It looks like as a workaround you can move the content out of the Section and then perform the paste to replace and move it back if needed.

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