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One of my favorite small UX features of Excalidraw ( is when you copy paste an item, it is placed on your mouse position, instead of near-ish to the item you copied from.

I use copy/paste a lot, for stickies and text and groups. Every time I do, I have to drag the newly copied item into the correct position afterwards. Sometimes, this is a bit hard, because I’ll mis-click when starting the drag, and move the wrong item…

It’s also sometimes hard to see the newly pasted item, because it is close to the previous item and sometimes something gets hidden behind a layer. Suffice to say, it’s a really nice quality of life feature for newly pasted items to be placed under the cursor, instead of near-ish to where they were copied.

See also Paste location on mouse position , where this was reported before as a bug, then recategorized as feedback and closed without responding to whether this would be an improvement to the feature, or why it is a bad idea.

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Thank you so much for raising a question related to mouse.

Excalidraw is a great online whiteboard for drawing with other people in real time.
I would also recommend other online whiteboards include Miro, Mural, Ziteboard, Stormboard, Microsoft whiteboard, Google Jamboard and etc.
In addition, A drawing pen tablet is more natural and efficient for writing and drawing in whiteboard app than with a mouse.

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