Paste files after Copy as PNG/SVG (macOS)

In May 2022, I wrote about how difficult it is to get a quick SVG or PNG file out of Figma.

There’s a way to get them on the clipboard quickly

Copy PNG (⌘⇧C) or SVG (⌘⏎+svg+⏎) to clipboard

But that’s clipboard data, not a file. You can’t paste that into a Finder folder.


I stand by my request to be able to drag files out of the export panel, but in the meantime, I’ve written a guide for a workaround on macOS.

  1. Install PNG Paste
  2. Paste AppleScript code to make an Automator workflow
  3. Add keyboard shortcuts to trigger the workflow

You can find it on Ask Different: How can I paste an SVG or PNG from clipboard as a file?.

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