Drag-and-Drop to Export Image

I’d like to be able to drag-and-drop elements in Figma to be able to export them. It’d be faster and cleaner for a lot of workflows.

Problem (8 steps)

It’s slow and messy to take a frame from Figma and upload it as an asset into a CMS, filesystem, or wherever.

  1. Select the frame
  2. Add and adjust export options
  3. Rename the frame so it makes sense in the file system (optional)
  4. Export (⇧⌘E / ⇧⌃E)
  5. Choose location and export
  6. Navigate to file location in browser uploader; upload
  7. Navigate to file location in OS
  8. Delete exported file(s) to clean up

This is a lot of steps with fine motor skills and small decisions, with a high chance of leaving junk on my filesystem that I’ll need to sift through and delete later.

Copy-Paste, the hope of a better future (3 steps)

Fortunately, some applications allow me to paste images into them as a way of uploading (e.g., Slack, email). In these cases, my process is much simpler:

  1. Select frame
  2. Copy PNG (⌘⇧C) or SVG (⌘⏎+svg+⏎) to clipboard
  3. Paste into browser (⌘V)

Wow! Wouldn’t it be great if the process were so clean every time I export!?

Proposal (3 steps)

Give us a way to drag-and-drop files from the Export panel.

  • Each export option is draggable and produces that respective file.
  • Give draggable icons for PNG and SVG that product the same file as Copy to Clipboard without needing to add export options to a frame.

With this feature, the upload-to-CMS process could look like:

  1. Select frame
  2. Drag icon or export option from Export panel
  3. Drop in browser upload area or filesystem

Wouldn’t that be faster and cleaner!? Let’s make it happen!