Drag-and-Drop to Export Image

I’d like to be able to drag-and-drop elements in Figma to be able to export them. It’d be faster and cleaner for a lot of workflows.

Problem (8 steps)

It’s slow and messy to take a frame from Figma and upload it as an asset into a CMS, filesystem, or wherever.

  1. Select the frame
  2. Add and adjust export options
  3. Rename the frame so it makes sense in the file system (optional)
  4. Export (⇧⌘E / ⇧⌃E)
  5. Choose location and export
  6. Navigate to file location in browser uploader; upload
  7. Navigate to file location in OS
  8. Delete exported file(s) to clean up

This is a lot of steps with fine motor skills and small decisions, with a high chance of leaving junk on my filesystem that I’ll need to sift through and delete later.

Copy-Paste, the hope of a better future (3 steps)

Fortunately, some applications allow me to paste images into them as a way of uploading (e.g., Slack, email). In these cases, my process is much simpler:

  1. Select frame
  2. Copy PNG (⌘⇧C) or SVG (⌘⏎+svg+⏎) to clipboard
  3. Paste into browser (⌘V)

Wow! Wouldn’t it be great if the process were so clean every time I export!?

Proposal (3 steps)

Give us a way to drag-and-drop files from the Export panel.

  • Each export option is draggable and produces that respective file.
  • Give draggable icons for PNG and SVG that product the same file as Copy to Clipboard without needing to add export options to a frame.

With this feature, the upload-to-CMS process could look like:

  1. Select frame
  2. Drag icon or export option from Export panel
  3. Drop in browser upload area or filesystem

Wouldn’t that be faster and cleaner!? Let’s make it happen!


Coming from Sketch where the thumbnail in the export panel can simply be dragged to the desired location (eg. your artboard, mail, chat dm, finder, etc.) exports in Figma feel bloated and complex. +1


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