Password protected file thumbnails

It is unbelievable that it takes so long - passoword protected covers without original picture are just broken feature :frowning:

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Thanks for keeping it alive, though!

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Need this +1

Password is absolutely useful for file sharing. But the thumbnail disable is a headache for the team. Please allow the thumbnail for password file

Any updates on this? :confused:

Hey Figma, we really need this fix. Our team had a nice solution to organize files via thumbnails but now it’s basically gone.

It would be great to get some upate how to solve this or if there’s anything comign that helps teams to organize files. For me it makes no sense that team members can’t see file thumbnails.

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I can only echo what has already been said to keep this topic going… It’s unfortunate that this is still an issue. If thumbnail privacy is a real concern, why not let us at least control it’s visibility? Opening Figma to be greeted by a bunch of identical grey boxes feels awful.

We are strongly heading for a year anniversary of this topic :smirk: I wonder when someone from @Figma_Support will stumble upon it and let us know when they can fix it, or just put it on a roadmap :roll_eyes:

+1 Lets keep that feature request alive.

Is there any/ update on this feature request?

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Unfortunately, none :frowning:

If I’m a logged in user with full access to a file, I will see the password protected icon instead of the thumbnail I set for the file. This is silly since I don’t need to use the password to see the file. I want to see the preview i set instead when looking at it as Tiles (not List).

Yeah I was sad to see this is not implemented as of yet. Using thumbnails to organise files is really helpful, but most of our files are shared with clients so they will be password protected. Hopefully the add this feature soon!

Oof. I really need this fixed soon. We need to be able to set a password for people that don’t use our file often without impacting the people that use it the most. Please fixxxxx, @Figma_Support

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+1 BUMP to provide more options around this please

I have the same problem :frowning:

i need show the thumbnails.

This seems like a fairly easy fix Figma, just have the lock icon on top of the thumbnail cover

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Any update on this topic, Figma? It is really annoying and seems to be a super easy fix!

Me too. This would be a great update. We often use color-coded thumbnail screens to indicate a specific client or status. Much appreciated!