Owners should be able to delete comments

I can’t seem to delete other peoples comments they have left.
I am the creator / owner of the figma file and can only delete my own comments.
Wondering if this is this normal? Why can’t we delete other peoples comments?

The only solution I have found is to copy and paste the frames into a new design file which seems somewhat absurd?


Same problem

Hey @jan.urbanic and @Rakesh_Arvapalli,

This is the expected behavior right now. Owners can delete their own comments, but only have the option to resolve the comments made by others after you’ve seen them.

I’m going to edit this thread a bit to allow you and others the ability to vote and add their own feedback, so our developers can consider this feature in a future update.

I’m using a free account shared with one other person, and can’t resolve my own comments. I click the check icon, then the comment window disappears for a second or two, then the small comment icon appears again. I’m using the latest version of the desktop app.


I face the same problem. though I’m part of an enterprise plan.

Same here as well. Also cannot resolve other comments.

So my viewer made 3 comments about the same issue since Figma also makes comments disappear/not show/not save (is this a bug that sometimes happen). And now I can’t get rid of them till everyone in my file has viewed those 3 comments?!

This is super annoying. If someone has been invited into a board with edit access they should be grown up enough to be allowed to delete a comment.

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Same here, I can not resolve or delete my own or anyone else’s comments, they disappear for 1 sec then they are back. must be a bug?

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I just refreshed my tab and can now resolve comments. Thank You!!

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Hi all! Some things I’m hearing:

  • Can’t resolve own comments: “Show resolved comments” might be checked? If not, this definitely sounds like a bug.

  • Comments don’t show: With a recent redesign of comments, comments will now always show on the canvas unless toggled off (shift+c to toggle between the two modes). You no longer have to be in a ‘comment mode’ in order to see comments. My guess here is that you may be in the “Comments hidden” state.

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I am the owner of a file and have multiple people as editors.
I was unable to resolve, move, or edit comments in any way.
However, I simply quit Figma and reloaded the file, and it was fixed.
Even comments I had “failed” to resolve had been deleted already when I reloaded the file.

So I suggest force quitting and reloading it. Worked for me.

I have the same issue - I need to be able to delete other people’s comments on the board I created/own.

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