Overriding nested or exposed component style does not update instances if the inner component’s variant has been changed

Hello, I have found a bug I would like to see fixed.

Essentially let’s say if you have a component1 with a component 2 inside and they both have variants. If you have an instance of component1 and change the inner component2’s variants, when you update the master component1’s inner component2 the instance won’t change.

I made a Figma to reproduce:

Steps to reproduce:
Change a nested text’s color in the Button component

Expected behaviour:
All instances should have their colours updated of that Button’s Colour variant should be updated.

The only way for it to update the style is to reset the any of the instance’s variants but, it’s a bit annoying in practice to do it to all instances.

The workaround is obviously to not have nested components and just do all the variants in one component. However if this get’s fixed, it is a more elegant and easier to scale solution to the current meta of making every single variant of x times y times z properties, and instead just making ‘properties’ separate.


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