Override rules lately more strict for interactive variant components?

I’ve noticed that some components in my design system file don’t behave as before. Happened after the big Figma variables update, I think. Have you noticed something similar?

For example I have a card component that makes use of Fixed aspect ratio in Figma Auto Layout components. Image overrides used to work for years, but now image reverts. Combined different sizes into one variant component - no success, but yes, these components have differences in layers. I then replaced the image layer with a variant component that has Ratios plugin applied, and it has identical naming & structure - same thing… Crazy thing with both solutions - it works in the prototype during the first interaction but with the second interaction it somehow drops overrides!?

Also a problem with nested swapped placeholder contents. For example I have an accordion item with two states (closed/expanded) that has placeholder for content when accordion is expanded - the component swapped in now has to have the exact same name and - really interesting - it has to be made visible once in the design view, in order to work properly in proto view.

So, is it me or is it a Figma bug? Anyone else having similar issues?

Ok, seems like the accordion case above is not a problem anymore. Some kind of memory usage issue maybe…