Outdated Version of Widget Added to Stage Incorrectly

When I add a widget from the resources toolbar icon via the widget’s icon or image, it is an older version of the widget. When I add it from clicking on the text to the right then hit “add” from the widget detail it is the latest widget.

Is this happening with your published/development version of the widget, or is it a third-party widget? Reloading the file tab doesn’t solve the issue?

It is not a dev/recents issue. It is my widget, but built with a different account, so a third-party widget from this perspective (it doesn’t show up under development at all). I tested a number of things prior to submitting bug…new file and several different files. I’m not sure how to reload the file tab specifically, so I tried reloading the entire desktop app and that did fix it, thank you! However, I do keep Figma open for days sometimes, so I wouldn’t think of doing that.

Right-click on file tab › Reload tab.

Gotcha…looks like an electron level thing. Didn’t see that before. Thanks.