Option to Hide Frame Labels

The UI can get over crowded with annoying frame/component names hanging off their top edges. I have not found a way to disable/hide these. Please tell me there is a way! :slight_smile:


Only root level frames have names, so if you wrap a frame, its label disappears. Here are 2 handy solutions:

  1. Use one or more large frames to wrap everything. Now you have one frame label per section, and all the child frame labels disappear.
  2. Select a frame and CTRL+G to group it, will remove the label from that frame.

I agree, this is annoying. If I wanted visible labels, I could draw them, size them, position them, with the text tool. There should be a preference for “Show/Hide Frame Labels.” (@devs)


I agree on your comment Michael. This is annoying!


I agree, it would be nice to have the option to hide frame names.


Agreed. Extremely annoying that such setting is not available.


I agree, it would be a nice to have feature.


Just moved this into the Feedback category feel free to add your votes to it. :slight_smile:
Appreciate the feedback!


I also agree. An option to hide labels of all kinds (frame, autolayouts, etc.) would be most welcome.


Until two days ago I have never had this problem. Using the same files as before, but now some, but not all, frames are showing their names at all times while I am in design mode. This has to be a bug given that it A. just suddenly appears as an issue for me this week and B. only happens with Some frames, for example three frames that include a “Footer” frame at the bottom display the label, but many other frames in the same page that also show the same “Footer” frame (and are not grouped with their parent frame) do not display the label. This is incredibly distracting and means I can no longer screenshare with clients in this mode. I tried @Michael_Lewis suggestions, thank you for those, but they do not solve this issue for me. Wrapping all frames in larger frames introduces all kinds of layout complications that are a hindrance in the earlier stages of a design. Grouping to remove the frame name just replaces the title I gave the frame, which provides context in the Layers panel, with a meaningless “Frame #5467”, which still stays visible in the working screen. I really hope Figma provides a fix for this asap.


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where is it, I wanna vote!


Thank you Michael

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How can we make this request go viral… this is the bane of my existence and adding SO MUCH NOISE to all things I design…Why is this not a quick toggle to see/not see these labels… It’s borderline triggering to both sides of my brain. @Figma please fix this lightweight (for your ENG team) critical improvement STAT.


Surprised to see such a basic option missing in an otherwise good app.


On the other hand, it would be nice if this option could also force labels to show even when frames are within frames. Would make it easier to create component libraries that way.


so helpful, thanks!

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The problem with adding them inside other frames, or groups is you can’t share links to frames within frames. So if I have a mockup for a load of screens and want them all inside a group/frame to a) group them to make moving them easy and b) hide their labels, I can no longer link directly to one of the frames. This is also a very strange problem to have

It should be easy to have a simple view option in the top right to toggle frame labels. As a DESIGN tool, this should not insist on making me hack around with groups to hide a software attribute. The layout a designer is working on needs to be viewed pristine. A simple view toggle would do the trick.

Due to frames being so integral to figma structure, it’s not realistic to need group wrappers. This is actually an odd evolution of figma now: you have groups and frames and both are very similar, but not quite. Oddly enough, “unframing” something is done by “ungroup” command.

Agreed. Hope will come out soon.