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Option to Hide Frame Labels

The UI can get over crowded with annoying frame/component names hanging off their top edges. I have not found a way to disable/hide these. Please tell me there is a way! :slight_smile:


Only root level frames have names, so if you wrap a frame, its label disappears. Here are 2 handy solutions:

  1. Use one or more large frames to wrap everything. Now you have one frame label per section, and all the child frame labels disappear.
  2. Select a frame and CTRL+G to group it, will remove the label from that frame.

I agree, this is annoying. If I wanted visible labels, I could draw them, size them, position them, with the text tool. There should be a preference for “Show/Hide Frame Labels.” (@devs)


I agree on your comment Michael. This is annoying!


I agree, it would be nice to have the option to hide frame names.

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Agreed. Extremely annoying that such setting is not available.

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I agree, it would be a nice to have feature.

Just moved this into the Feedback category feel free to add your votes to it. :slight_smile:
Appreciate the feedback!