Option to disable "Image resized" when large images are brought in

We need this one. I need to be able to work on the big screenshots on Figma

need to create a paste big image plugin. or just solve the problem…

Adding my vote, please remove this disabling restrictions.


This is hands-down the DUMBEST thing I’ve seen in any design software for a while.

Imagine a prototyping tool where you build interfaces, landing pages etc. and you can’t import WEBSITE SCREENSHOTS? AND THIS SOFTWARE IS OWRTH 20B? LOL.

I just can’t wrap my head around this weird “feature”


This is probably the worts issue a desing software can have, terrible

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Hahah yesss! submissions for app design are a nightmare

+1 to diable this feature. Same here, took me an hour to figure out why my imported images are down-rezed beyond recognition.

Wait. How do we vote for this feature? By liking what?

I would vote 1000 times. This has created additional days to my process just trying to work out what’s happening. I didn’t think that something as simple and necessary doesn’t exist! Not all designers are just building with vector buttons here.


I have to port the existing state of the website and need to load images of whole pages.

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Keep this thread open for the sake of the webdesigning people destiny !!!


There should be an option to turn it on or off, this feature is terrible.

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What a terrible experience this is. These small things matter a lot in our workflow. Please fix this asap. Terrible experience.

Thank you so much!

a huge problem that isn’t fixed yet. And here we are… STILL waiting!

Needs to be fixed ASAP, what’s the use of such active community feedback if it takes years to understand and realise if something is needed by the user or not?

How unbelievably embarrassing Figma!

The web’s leading design tool, and we can’t even fix an image to it’s actual size!

Not to mention you’ve ignored this thread for over two years!

Ya this is a big deal guys. Insert Big Image just stopped working (images disappear and don’t load at random).

Can we get an update on this? We need to be able to see our images with reasonable quality.

Just throwing my hat in the ring to say get rid of this arbitrary restriction. Images should be limited by filesize - not resolution.

Ironically it is impossible to import screenshots of my Figma frames into Figma :man_facepalming:.

Chiming in to say: We need this! It’s so cumbersome when working with web pages, among other things.

I have a neat trick for you. Start by converting the image into SVG format using design tools like Adobe XD. Then, simply place it into your Figma file. I’ve been using this method for quite some time now, and it works like a charm.

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