Only partial set of Instances not updating when main component is updated

I I have recently updated the icon library in our design system, which means I now need to go through our component library and update any icons with the new assets.

Sounds simple enough, find main component, select icon, search for new icon, double click, replaced, all instances updated.

I’m running into an issue where this is not the case.

We have our button components, all created use an instance of our main “base button” component.

The base button is a frame, with in order, Icon, Text, Icon.

The instances then include a set of properties for Size, State, Icon Left, Icon Right.

So in theory I should be able to select our base button, swap the icon elements from the old to the new and “wait for some magic” all button instances should now have the new icon asset.

But what is happening is that only a portion of my buttons are updating with the new icon, the rest are now. When I dig deeper into the buttons that don’t and select the base button layer>click go to main component, it takes me to as you would expect my base button component.

I can’t figure out why some instances are not registering the change while others are.

Would this be acting in a similar state as to when you manually override the colour of an instance, which when you update the colour of the main component, the colour change does not apply to any instance that has been manually changed?

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