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One free library for own account 🎱

Hi! I’d like comment the idea below.

I have a personal account (it’s free) and another premium account which is paid from my company.

But the idea is about the possibility of having at least just one personal library with the option of publish it in order to create my own components for my free concepts or designs.

I know I can generate a figma file and creating stuff there and later just open it and copy and paste components in the other projects but it’s a little bit clumsy.

What do you think?

Thank you!

Yeah I think it would make great sense: if you are a member of the pro team, you could create your own personal libraries that are not connected to the team. By the way, I think right now you can achieve a similar effect by creating an invite-only project for your library and yourself only.


At this point, you can create free starter teams for personal use, and you can share personal libraries but they only contain styles.


Yeah that’s it. But it isn’t enough hehe :innocent:

I think you can create only styles like colors. At the moment you create a component, you can’t the Publish option so…

No I mean you can create an invite-only project in your paid team and publish the library with components from there.

Well you’re right but I try not mixing company and personal stuff. hehe. And in the other hand, once I’m not in the premium account, what happen with all that work? So…

The point is just have the possibility to create a only one library which you can use it in every new project instead having a figma file and copy and paste all the time.

Thank you for your time and feedback :pray: