On drag interaction not working

I want the user to grab a card and drag it to a certain place in the prototype, so therefore I want to use the on drag interaction. I’ve used it in previous prototypes without any issue, but for some reason it does not work here. There are blue squares around it when clicking showing that there is an interaction, but when actually trying to do it, it doesn’t work. If I change the interaction to on click everything works, but the issue is that there is text etc telling the user to drag and drop it there and then it would be really confusing to have an on click interaction. More exact, I want the user to drag the card, then the card goes invisible and another variable goes visible, which works with on click but not on drag. So… what am I doing wrong?

Hey @Ida3 - it’s hard to tell what the exact issue/solution would be based on your description alone. It’d be helpful to get a visual on this.

Are you able to share a copy of the prototype you’re working on so we can review?

If that’s possible, please file a ticket here, and share edit access to the prototype with support-share@figma.com (if you are able).

Hi, I have filed a ticket at the link you sent me but then I received an email that you closed this case. So open it again and look at what I sent, the Figma file is still shared with you.

Sorry for the confusion! I took a look, and I see your ticket as open, and that Mia is working on it. Can you show me a screenshot of what the closed email you got looks like?

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make sure that your order of card and the drop target is correct.

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How do I know which order the cards should be in to be correct? They’re currently placed top to bottom and the buttons where the user is supposed to click is also placed top to bottom similarly.

Hey @Ida3 - sorry for the delayed reply. I was looking into this a bit more, and I don’t see a history of the ticket number in your screenshot being closed. It looks like you have an active conversation going on with support regarding this, and that the most recent response sent to us was 4am PST.

Can you check to see if you received that? The suggestion was to try sticky scrolling, and the email has more details for your instance.