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Offline mode would be great to access design files

My internet works perfectly, I can watch YouTube videos and check social media. I don’t want to panic but I can’t access my files ?? Error 504

Even on the browser

I think it would be nice to work offline like other design tools ?

Since Figma is a basic browser application it will probably not be efficient to have a completely offline mode.

The application has already been offering an offline mode since a few months now, where the work done offline is kept in memory even when you close the application.

Read more here : Can I work offline with Figma

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It does not change that your proposal is very interesting. It would be perfect if we had a way to access and or open a file in offline mode


Yes it would be perfect to access files offline. Thank you so much for sharing the link with me as well.

Don’t forget to mark the concern as resolve

In regard to the outage today

Allow loading of .fig files (I wasn’t able to)