Numbered lists not starting with 1 not working?

I saw the launch, but can’t get it to work for me. Everytime, my number changes back to 1. Any specific directions?

Hey @Marissa_R,

That’s definitely odd. It seems to be working as expected on our end. Have you refreshed your tabs since the launch?

Are you able to provide a screen recording or screenshots of what you see on your end?

@dvaliao It’s working now. I had fully closed and opened the app a couple of times and it continued to not work. However, I went to the updates section (I already had the latest) and reloaded all my tabs from there. It started working after that. Strange though that closing and reopening Figma didn’t do the same.

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Very strange! We’ll pass this along to the team, just in case anyone else runs into a similar issue.