Nudging Multiple Layers an Incremental Value Set

Hi everyone, is there a way to nudge multiple values for set incremental values? For example. I create a text that says “text” and outline stroke.

I now have 4 vectors(layers) in one group. I’d like to nudge the multiple vectors down in increments of +8 Y value.

Is there any plugin that anyone has found that does this, for the X and Y position?

I do this manually but feels like a tedious process that must have a native shortcut or perhaps a novel solution.



Tidy Up feature?

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Hi Gleb, thanks for the response. This is closer to what I’m trying to achieve.

When doing animations, having different starting locations like this results in different animation behaviors. I’d like a plugin or a native way to set a Y axis or X axis increment value like 16 in the example instead of having to do everything manually for each letter.

I guess this can be solved if each letter was the same height. You can wrap each letter in a frame, set all frames to the same size (e.g. 16 px) then use tidy up.

Hmm tidy up moves nestled objects along the same axis, i’m looking for cross axis increments as show on the example.

I’ve failed to get this treatment with the proposed individual frame, would you mind sending a screenshot of the execution?

Ah, I was thinking about the vertical axis only.

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Can anyone help with this?

@Art_Garcia OK, I’ve been thinking about this one for a bit and had an idea of how one could have auto-layout applied to each letter and change the top-padding of each letter manually or adjust it through variables. This may be a little more complicated than you wanted, but hopefully give you some other options.

View Prototype
Get Example File

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woah, first off — amazing showcase, thank you for investing time into this challenge.

This is very interesting, I think my only concern here would be how would I be able to preserve the original kerning (may not be possible) but better to be concerned about kerning accuracy than the time i would be saving by doing this process.

I wish there was a plugin to achieve this process but overall I am super excited about trying this out.

Some Notable changes:

  1. Instead of four characters, I’ve added 27, and allowed for a character to be empty. This is hard so far… what if i want to animate a word like “animate” versus “fast” this becomes very difficult.
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Yes having a plugin would definitely help versus all the manual setup.