Not show when boolean is active


I’m actually working on a DSM and I have an issue, or maybe I’m not tackling the problem the right way.

I would like to remove, or to don’t show, a part of the component when the boolean is TRUE.

How can I do that ?

So in this case, when the default is selected I show the bar below the number. And when it’s the last item, I want to hide this bar.

I want to have a boolean that show or hide this bar. But the boolean when it’s true, show and when it’s false, hide. So I can’t hide when it’s true …

At the moment the only solution is that I call the switch “Not last item” but this can be confusing for people of my team.


I have issues sharing picture but here is a link for them :

Instead of a boolean component property, you can use variants with boolean properties.

Thanks but in that way I need to duplicate the instances …

If I understood you correctly what you meant, then yes, you need to create the required number of combinations of variants for all your cases.

By the way, you can also assemble such a construct with a boolean component property, and everything will work as expected:

Damn, thats genius! Thanks a lot !

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