No contents are showing in my Figma file

some days ago i have created some chart in my FigJam and added pics in the chart directly from the web , from yesterday although i can open my file and haven’t deleted anything , no contents are visible in any of my file? my internet connection is also pretty good and i have no adblocker in my browser, can anyone help me?

here are the screenshots :

Is it possible you’re zoomed or panned in an empty part of the canvas. What happens if you use the shortcut to select all and the zoom to selection? Are you able to see anything?

from edit if i do “select all” an alignment icon is coming

its happening with all the files not only this file

Hmm strange and then what about version history. Are you able to see if there was a clear change at some point in time?

If you’re able to share a link to one of the files, I can try and take a look at it later today.

its happening with all the files not only this file
here is the link to the file (i have provided you with complete read/write access)
[file removed ]
i don’t know how to check version history

everything is working fine now , thanks for helping me out

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