Newbie help! Page doesn't look right

Hello! Brand new to Figma and using it in a course (no instructor communication…). I supposed to be opening a new page, putting in a frame, adding some shapes, then text and then play with the text. The issue is that what I seeing when opening is not what the instructor is showing. She has a left hand sidebar:
and then there are the Text details and then some Components

My left sidebar only says:

Page 1
Frame 1

I can not find how to get the Resize, Decorate, Align and Color to show up. I cannot progress in this course without this. The fix may be obvious, but I have Googles and redone for hours… Please assist! Thank you.

the stuff on her left side bar are pages she created and renamed it from page to resize and all that jazz, whereas in yours you are using the default figma page 1. inside the the page 1 you have a frame 1 and a text