New prototype floating dialogue keeps getting in the way

I’m finding the new floating prototype dialogue less than user-friendly. Most of the time, when I’m dragging an interaction connection from source to target, the dialogue covers up the target, which means I can’t connect it and have to try again.

Yes, I often just pick a screen from the list, but sometimes the other way is more convenient… or at least it was until the last update.

Could the floating dialogue behaviour be changed so that it doesn’t show up until after the connection is complete? Right now it feels like I’m playing one of those joke games where they have deliberately programmed dark patterns to keep you from doing what you want to do.

Overall, I’m not seeing the point of the floating dialogue. It often appears mostly off the end of my screen, and as explained above, it is often covering up whatever part of the mock-up collection I’m trying to work with.

Hi @kmh ,
Thank you for sharing your feedback about the prototype dialogue!
The launch of this feature is still very new and we’re currently working to improve them with new workflows and features based on what our community needs. We will pass along to the team for consideration.

Tips: do not also forget to vote up your idea so we can gauge the overall interest in the community :arrow_up:

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Thank you for the reply! Yeah, I think just a simple shift on the x axis would solve it, or changing when it shows up as I mentioned above.

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