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New paste features — simple but big improvements

I’m sorry about that. We will handle this kind of stuff better in the future.

Is there any way to change this shortcut back? It took a small amount of time but replacing the items on paste was a huge timesaver. The rollback actually makes it less intuitive as I need to add extra fingers to the shortcut (it may seem small, but 100s of times per day it adds up).

it made total sense for me. My default was to paste in place and then tab to the layer below to delete. I know you’re reading the negative feedback, but this was a really smart approach IMO.

I’ve also tried overriding it on the desktop app and it won’t let me assign cmd+shift+v to paste to replace. If you could fix that, I can at least have the shortcut working on the desktop app.

You can use Better Touch Tool to better change shortcuts across various apps on macOS including Figma. However I won’t recommend replacing Shift + Cmd + V as it is used for paste & match style, better find a different shortcut that works for you.

On a side-note, if you are not ok with the two-hand shortcut, it may be more convenient for you in some cases to use the right-click context menu or the Cmd+/ menu — you can find Paste & Replace command in both of them.

I appear to be alone here - As soon as ‘paste to replace’ was rolled out, I used ⌘⇧V many times every day. I was thrilled. I have never in my life used ‘paste over selection’…what is everyone using it for? I can’t think of any scenario where I would have needed it. Am I missing something in my workflow??

Alas, I am devastated by the new ⌘⌥⇧V for ‘paste to replace’, as I can’t do it with one hand at all. Glad that at least the majority has found the change useful though.

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I was a bit confused. There are still the old shortcuts in the menu (even after update). For context menu it’s right:

…And ⌘⌥V for Paste And Match Style — not ⌘⇧V, right?

Paste to replace is much more useful to me than paste over selection (which I generally do to then delete the thing underneath anyway).

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“Distribute vertical spacing” and “distribute horizontal spacing” have changed the shortcut keys, why not change “Tidy UP” to Alt+shift+T?

In addition, zooming also needs to adjust the shortcut keys.suggestions below:
zoom to selection shift+`(~)
zoom to 100% shift+1
zoom to 200% shift+2
zoom to 300% shift+3
zoom to 400% shift+4
zoom to 50% shift+5
Zoom to fit shift+0

+1 for much preferring the “Paste to Replace” > “Paste over selection” and being really happy to see that update…then bummed to see the shortcut reverted. Even further confused after using it a ton, then suddenly the shortcut not working, and the Edit menu in the desktop app displaying the wrong shortcut.

I personally can’t even think of any example where I’d wanna paste something over another item that I wasn’t just going to delete anyway, so I agree that “Paste over selection” and “Paste here” should be merged. IMO they seek to achieve the same goal: pasting wherever your cursor or selection is.

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