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Grouping coping and pasting nest issue

I remember every time when I was coping a group, Figma created a new group which was Okay and If I just keep pasting it, Figma was creating copies. But now when I paste a group, first It creates a group but if I paste again for the second time, it pastes it in the group (Nesting), and If I just keep pasting it creates a nest (Group with in a group and so on)…

IDK why is this happening if it’s an update then seriously it’s lame!

This is an update yes. You can use the “paste over selection” feature to avoid this (however it could use some work). Or press Cmd / Ctrl + D to duplicate the group instead of pasting a new one.

Hey, thanks @Gleb. That’s what I wanted to know. Still I have no clue why this update can be any good

And now the main issues with the update are fixed! For your use-case you can use Shift + Cmd/Ctrl + V to paste over selection.

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