Nested instances nest inside their parent in the properties panel

To help organize nested instance properties in the properties panel, it would be great to have them collapse inside their parent component in the list.

E.g I have made a component with several cards. The card component allows me to turn on and off the title, text, image, and button. I can also change any of the text from the properties panel. → When I use an instance of the component in my designs, I must scroll through all the open nested properties before I can edit card number 7. If I were to see an accordion with cards 1-7 with their nested instances hidden beneath, it would be less confusing and much quicker.

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Makes a lot of sense! Struggling with this as well. However, you can try to adjust the pain a bit by using text symbols in your component names to simulate nesting, like in the screenshot below. This is not a substitution to the correct nesting, plus you should always know the exact structure to make it work correctly, but anyways…

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