A component inside a component property reset bug

Can you help me understand what is going on? Is this a bug? Please see the GIF

Step 1. Master component X created
Step 2. Master component X is used in another component Y
Step 3. If component Y is pasted in specific Figma file it returns the initial icon of component X instead of component Y

This bug happens not only for icons but sometimes for colours, styles etc
Not sure what to do.



Is this similar bug? Bug report: updating the table component wiped all values - #2 by Ben_Ho

Maybe. No solutions so far?

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is component published? would it be different if you enable that library in a new file first?

component is published. that library is enabled in an old file. in a new file all works well if I start working in there. the issue is with old files and if you copy and paste old files to new files the issue is remains but now in new files

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This is so painful :smiling_face_with_tear:


Any update on this?

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Same problem here:

  1. Component library published from dedicated file with some master components inside
  2. Activate the library in another project file
  3. Add an instance of a component from the library to the project file
  4. Make some overrides on the instance (colour, instance swap, etc.)
  5. Run the prototype
  6. After the first interactions the values of the project instances are reset/locked based on the original master values

As a consequence the component feature is useless and the only workaround is to create a dedicated screen for each step of the interactions, similar to what you would have to do with Invision 10 years ago…

This is for professional use guys, I need you to do something, please :pray:

no updates from me yet. didn’t find any good reasons why this is happening and how to fix it other than create new files from scratch. but then there is no guarantee that this bug will not appear again. I can’t understand what triggers this

My situation might be slightly different so I’ll describe how it is for me:

Baseline, we have a library with Page component that has a Header component nested.

  1. On a new file, enable the library
  2. Add the Page component and make changes using toggles in the properties panel
  3. Make a change in Page component or the Header component in the library and publish
  4. In the file we created in 1, update the library
  5. All the Headers in the Page component got reset

Having the exact same problem here… This only started happening recently, wasn’t a problem before. This is a massive pain in the ass.

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