Nested component bug?

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My team and I are a little worried about an apparent bug where an instance of a component with changed settings will revert to its original overrides when copied.

Have this also happened to you?


I have same problem, it happens when there are icon and text in the component

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Same problem here, I tried everything including advanced tips like dev commands, needs to be fixed asap, our documents are getting messed up

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Same problem here. We are a really big team on an enterprise account.
All our nested components so far seems to be affected! Not able to work anymore right now…
We evaluated it and it seems, that the bug is affected by using the instance swap property. If we change an icon and duplicate the instance, text properties are deleted, the inner instance does a reset. If we construct it the old way (double klick to an icon, then change it manually the old way) it works. But this is not the solution!
Figma - please help!

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Add on: we also encountered, that working on the same file together, some persons do have the bug, some other do not! Strange!
It seems, that there is some kind of update rolling out, that affects some people, others not (yet).

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