Nested Accordions - levels 1 & 2 work. level 3 isn't clickable. Why?

Hi. I have a 3-level nested accordion. I have made 3 components each with a collapsed & an expanded variant. Levels 1 and 2 are working fine. For some reason, level 3 (the out-most level) isn’t even showing up as clickable. The prototype on-click is there. I can’t figure out what I’ve done wrong.

This is the file if anyone can help.

Hey @Charlie13, sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this!

Thank you for sharing the link to your file. Are you able to also add as an editor, so our team can take a closer look?

Done! Let me know if it didn’t work for you. Thank you!!!

There is nothing to do with the file mate. I cannot duplicate it, I cannot copy anything from it. Any reason to make such restrictions? There is no way to see how it has been made

No intention on the restrictions. My first time posting a file and wasn’t sure which settings were helpful. I have changed them to “anyone can edit.” I appreciate if you have any insight into the problem.

There is a small error in your prototype. You set “On Click” interaction on the component itself so when you nest them some events got “swallowed” by the parent instance. To make it work I set expand/collapse interaction on the header element instead, this way there is no conflicts in event loop

Have a look

Thank you!