Negative autolayout gap bug

I needed to put a negative number in for the vertical gap in a wrap autolayout, but Figma doesn’t let you use negative numbers there. However, it does let you use a negative number for the horizontal gap. What’s weird is that I can use a negative number in a variable and use that variable for the vertical gap. So there’s a workaround, but it seems like I shouldn’t have to create a variable just for that.

Hey there, thank you for reaching out! This is a interesting question. I’ve reached out internally and asked the team for more information on this. Will give you an update soon.

Appreciate your patience in the meantime!

Hey @Matt_Meeks, so I only got the update that it’s not possible because there is no good way to achieve negative vertical gap with CSS flexbox.

Please let me know if this clears your questions or if you have any further questions!

That’s crazy because it works beautifully using a negative value as a variable, and you can use a negative in the horizontal gap, which also works beautifully.