Need support for export PNG files with no alpha channels

When I was working on App Store screenshots, I received an error message “image can’t contain alpha channels or transparencies”. I tried to fix this error using this plugin, but it also did not respond well. Export Opaque PNG | Figma Community
It would be extremely beneficial if we could export PNG files with no alpha channel.

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same, any solution so far?

Well… u just change export png to jpg and it work lol

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if you work on mac, you can rewrite your png files without alpha

  1. Open your file with preview
  2. CMD+Shift+S made a duplicate
  3. CMD+S open save’s settings - here you need uncheck “alpha” and tap save
    Optional: you can delete “copy” from duplicate name and it’s rewrite the original
  4. Check info by right click and you will see “Alpha channel: NO”