Need Help. Change Color of Main Component by making color component . so when you click on one color e.g., red the main button component will be red and so on

I am Trying to make a theme based product prototype where i am using all the components to form a page instance. I want to make a theme e.g. red theme of my product with all buttons red. now if i manually change the colour of Main button to blue it will change all instances of the theme in prototype and lets call it blue theme. now i want to place a button/toggle in prototype for myself, to choose between red or blue which would change the colour of the main component hence changing the whole theme colour . this way i don’t have to make a copy of whole product with 10s of pages again in different design file with duplicate components.

Hi, I don’t think you can add buttons with such actions on figma…
However, there is this plugins Tokens Studio for figma that allows you to define different themes and easily switch between them.
Their tutorial is enough to understand how it works :slight_smile:

Tokens Studio for Figma (Figma Tokens) | Figma Community