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My Prototype is Not Working

I am using the prototype feature for one of my current. The prototype is not correlating to the amount of screens I have on my current project. I have connections to all my screens and on my prototype still only shows 15 screens. When I should have 17 screens and even then some of the screens just show white with no content on the prototype. Is there anyway to fix this? I will link my project below to see if you guys can help me fix the problem.

Hello, the white screens are probably related to the internet connection. Knowing that the images sometimes load slowly depending on the connection and their size, and that you have screens composed mainly of images, it is normal that you find white screens. However, for the screens missing having the total of 17, I think they are errors in the prototype. You should review each connection and make sure you have the right triggers.

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I did check for the right connections for the screens but it still does not pop up on the prototype. I do have the the interaction details. Is it just bug?

I’m having the same issue today. All my screens have the right connections, and if I change around the start screen, the prototype view will recognize all the artboards are there. It’s only when I try to run it from the very beginning screen, only 13 of 15 artboards will show.

It would therefore be preferable to refer to the support for better assistance.