My project looks slightly different in presentation mode


I made this overlay that stretches of the image when you hover over it and it worked perfectly earlier, just as I wanted it to. Then I prototyped it and suddenly it looks like it’s half a pixel off in presentation mode. This behavior changes as you zoom in or out. It almost looks good in very specific views.

Anyone got a fix?

Thank you!

Could be the same subpixel rendering problem like here:

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It does look like it could be the same problem yes, but I didn’t understand how to avoid it from your answer there. How do I go about not using subpixels? Is that something I can avoid in the editor itself or just when in presentation mode? And do you mean 100% view in editor mode or in presentation mode?

I should mention that I’m new to Figma, so there might be very obvious things I’m missing.

Thank you so much!

If it’s really the same problem:

  1. In editor: Choose a grid that doen’t produce subpixels like 24.38px for instance.
    I’m using this webtool to calculate it:

  2. In preview mode: Use 100% view, so it doesn’t need to scale your design down which can result in subpixels we want to avoid.

You can also compare how it looks in the app vs in browser. Is there a difference?

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Ah, thank you! I’ll keep this in mind for my future projects. Definitely going to use that calculator. Didn’t even know there was a desktop app, but it looked perfect there!

Glad I could help :slight_smile:

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