My instances keep getting back to original size

Hi, I’ve made my numerous icons into one component and they are originaly size 24*24. Each instances are different icons and they have the same size.
I’ve been using them in various other molecules components and when I use those icons, I use them in various sizes by Fixed size.

Here’s the problem : suddenly, those icon instances in molecules components were reset to original size, 2424. If I click multiple times to go into the instance icon vector layer, they come back to fixed sizes automatically which was the intended size. However, when I close my file or turn my computer off, they go back to size 2424. And this bug has been nagging me for several days.

FYI, the upper part is the Icon componet, and the bottom part is icon instances that I used in atom, molecules components. Their size keep getting back to 24*24!!

And also:

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@tank666 Oh my god you saved my day!!! ‘Regenerate all instances (slow)’ DID work!!! Thank you so much