My all projects are missing from Figma!

All of a sudden when I opened Figma, all my projects are gone. Figma looks like fresh without any projects in it and I also got a mail that my mail address started a new Figma, as I’m starting Figma for the first time.
Is there anyway to recover it?? It’s important!!

What happens if you open the Dropdown where it shows the purple circle with “U” (semms to be the new Upgrad company environment you’ve been added to), can you switch to your private account somehow from within this dropdown?

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No, I tried that but only this account is there. I was working on Figma about 2 hours before,. I just took a break and came back and everything went missing

And how about clicking on the account circle (yellow) on the right, is there an option to “add account”? This should bring you to another login screen where you could try to login with you credentials… Really just reaching for straws here, this is a really weird problem. Maybe you have to reach out to support to get it solved.

Ans also: is there anything in your Drafts? There’s also a “Deleted” Tab inside, anything in there?

It’s signed in to my default account itself, I tried removing all the accounts and signing to this one but that doesn’t help. Also, I checked in drafts and deleted as well but no hope. I have mailed regarding the same to Figma support.I really don’t know what to do here, if all. my files gone, then I need to start everything from scratch!