Mute/Skip missing font pop-up after acknowledgment

Feature Brief: Missing Font Pop-up Improvement in Figma

Description: The proposed feature aims to improve the missing font pop-up in Figma by allowing users to either mute or skip it after acknowledgement. The current pop-up appears every time an element is copy-pasted into the file, even if it’s not related to a missing font. This can cause frustration when working collaboratively, as different contributors may have different access to fonts. The proposed improvement would make it easier for users to work together by ignoring or skipping missing fonts that they do not have access to or do not intend to download.

Key Benefits:

  • Improved user experience by reducing unnecessary pop-ups
  • Better collaboration and productivity for teams working on the same file
  • Flexibility for users to choose how to handle missing fonts


  • Option to mute or skip missing font pop-up after acknowledgement
  • Ability to ignore missing fonts that users do not have access to or do not intend to download
  • Compatibility with different file types and design elements

Target Audience:

  • Figma users who collaborate with others on design projects
  • Design teams who work on large projects with many contributors
  • Individuals who frequently work with fonts in their designs
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