Music for co-creating in Figma and FigJam

When using figjam for retros & other co-creation workshops it’d be very useful to have an integration with streaming platforms like Spotify or Youtube. Nowadays, we use google meets or slack for online workshops instead of using figjam’s conversations; there, we can share music through the “present tab” feature.

I might be wrong, but I think miro got some sort of feature built-in.
Maybe Spotify (or any other streaming service), could provide a Figma/FigJam Plugin/Widget.

@Sol_Gey therefore, you could tweet about it or writing a feature request in e.g. spotify’s community forum.

It definitely sounds like a good idea to me, though. But it could be interfered by some sort of licence issues.

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Thanks for your input! I’ll definitely check that out :slight_smile:

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Currently only Figjam files have that feature but majority of us use design files more for our everyday workflows. Having that feature will save me opening another Spotify window and listen half of lofi-music and half of ads.