Multiple Flows Should Have Different Device Frames

should have! Needed…

Need this feature. Please make it to P0 @Figmateam

Really need this feature! The workarounds just don’t really work!

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This is table stakes. An absolute must not only for responsive but showing a prototyped user journey across multiple devices. PLEASE add this.

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+1 for this.

My workaround is using different pages within a Figma doc for different screen sizes. Each page can have its own device setting, and then a separate prototype page. It works for now, but too much jumping around for clients.


+1 for this.

This is the first time for me when Figma is missing something that I need.


This is a crucial feature for my job, where we are switching between different devices. The workaround I am using is to upload a separate frame for each device and bypass Figma’s internal device frame entirely.

Yep this is missing.

Another vote for the option to choose device frames for each flow.

:heart_eyes: would love to have this tiny yet huge option

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This seems an obvious one, right? I need this too! :slight_smile:

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+1 for this. I encounter this in every project I make. It really should be a no-brainer. Please add this soon!

You can set the prototype device to none and the design will automatically zoom, but there should be a way to set different prototypes for each frame

I have been using this workaround but it doesn’t allow for proper viewport height on mobile- so we end up looking at a very long screen :frowning:

100% this needs to be a feature

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This feature would be so helpful, please make this happen Figma Team

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We just need this Feature pretty hard now.

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I hope to having device setting for each flow but this workaround would work.


    1. Set prototype device as “Presentation (Fill)”.
    1. Run prototype in Chrome browser. (not in desktop application)


    1. Select “Fit width” from the Options and hide side bar.
    1. Open Chrome device emulator. (Command + Option + I)
    1. Select dimension from the top bar. (You may need custom sizes)

It also allows you to open multiple flows at same time if you open the same file in different tab.

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Bumping this thread, this comes up weekly for my team when trying to set up prototypes for large, complicated projects.

Even better, use “None” instead of “Custom size”. The proper solution would be to have different devices for each flow, but in the meanwhile this is the best approach :+1: