Multi selection to hide variable when publishing

I have a lot of variables, and when it comes to publish my library I don’t want all my variables to be published.
Today the only option is to open one by one the variable’s settings panel and check “hide when publishing”. When you have 3 variables it’s ok, but for 50, 100 or more it’s a monstruous waste of time.
For the record I had the exact same problems with Style when publishing.



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I’m may be the only one with Core tokens I don’t want to share ? :smiley:

I understand :grinning:
For the moment the variable’s UI is a pain…
Copy/paste ?
Move, export…

@XavierV You can move your core tokens into a separate variable collection, then simply uncheck the whole collection when u publish. You can also hide from publishing by naming them with a ‘.’ prefix, similar to components :smiley:

Ok tks Julia, I will try to hide from publishing an entire collection. I cannot renamed my variables because they are tokens synced with Token Studio.

Figured out if you shift select all the variables you want to hide, you can right click and choose “Edit variables” and hide all from publishing at once.


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