Moving components doesn't work

I’ve got a project and two design files, A and B, that reside in it.

File A houses designs for an app. File B is added to it as its library.

I created a component in A and used it to create child components in A.
I want to move the component from A to B now, so that the child components in A link to the component in B as their parent component.

I have the professional plan, I have full ownership of the entire project (though only see myself as the owner of one of the design files when I go to its sharing settings). I’m copying and pasting exactly like Figma tells me to. No go. It used to work just fine a few days ago.

Hey @Konrad5, sorry to hear you’re having trouble moving components!

Where in the process are you getting stuck?

As a reminder, when you move published components between files, Figma will prompt you to publish your changes to any affected libraries.

You need to publish these changes to complete the move process. Figma will push updates to all subscribed files when you publish your changes.

  1. Click Publish in the notification, or use the shortcut to open the library modal:
  • Mac: ⌥ Option 3
  • Windows: Alt 3
  1. Figma lists any changes to the library, including every component you’ve moved to this file. For each component, choose to Move to this file or Publish as a copy.
  • Select Move to this file for all moved components. This makes sure Figma keeps connections between the main components and any existing instances.
  • Select Publish as copy to publish them as new main component. This will break the connection between the component and any instances, instances won’t receive further updates.
  1. Add a description of your changes, Figma shows this in the file’s version history.

  2. Click Publish to publish your changes to the library.

Hey @dvaliao , thanks for your reply.

So I publish the changes manually.

The component is listed as a new component - not a move and I don’t see an option to change it to move.

After I publish the library, I am not prompted to review the changes in the file that uses the library. If there are more changes to the library than just the cut/pasted component that I’m trying to move, it will list changes to be reviewed EXCEPT for the component that I’m trying to move into the library.

Moving components worked fine just a few days ago. I followed the exact same process then.

Thanks for the additional context! Can you share your files with us here?

Please use your Figma account email, include a link to the files, and share with, so we can take a closer look.

I’ve already created a ticket for it [#939224] on Monday, awaiting reply.

Thanks for that!

We’ve confirmed that the team has your ticket, will review the file, and reply as soon as they can.