Mouse custom settings not working in figma, instead same settings working in all other apps like PS, AI etc

Why my Logitech mx master 2s custom app settings for figma has stoped working with recent update?

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same with me here

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Quite surprising that I started the discussion and I am posting the solution :blush:.
Try this out- When you go to the option of adding an app for custom settings in Logitech option+ or in your case any app you use ,it shows you the default list of all the on your PC and down below is the option to browse and select the app. I was encountering the problem when I was selecting the app from the default list but, I tried browse option and selected the app from my desktop shortcut I use to start figma then suddenly all the custom mouse settings for figma starts working.
Try this may be it will work for you also, I hope so


@Seek_the_truth @Daniels_Rogulis

Yessss, this fixed it, so many pains just got a fix