Monitoring detached components from your design system

Hello Awesome People!

First of all, I’m sorry if this has been asked somewhere already, I tried searching but didn’t see anything.

Is there a way to know what design files have detached a component?

Here’s an example scenario,

  1. I open up a DS file and navigate to the library analytics
  2. I click to view more details on a component which says it’s got 3 detaches
  3. I arrive on a screen with all the variants listed for this component, I click on one which states it’s got 1 detach
  4. I then arrive on a screen which is listing 16 pages and I’m not clear why wanting to just find the file that has the detached component.

I hope the above makes sense, thanks in advance for any pointers here :blush:

Hi- great question, and one that I have been wrestling with for a while. I don’t see any way to get from the variant-level detachment screen to the key info, which is basically which design file has the detached component in it. I’ve done lots of research and spoken to many skilled figma users. I don’t think this is possible. I would love to be wrong.

Same issue here. What’s the point of knowing which components have been detached if I cannot at least know in which file they are located? I manage our company’s Design System and this feature would save my life.