Missing Variants option in right sidebar

I no longer have a variants option in my right sidebar. I select a component with or without variants, and nothing. This is a very big problem. Has anyone encountered this glitch?


Me too! And I am in a total panic.

Watching the CONFIG presentation right now hoping they show what the heck they changed and where that went!

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I found an ADD VARIANT option if you right click on your object!


Does anyone have the link to this Config explainer video? This is AWFUL experience


I am not seeing anything specfic to this new properties panel was it just mentioned?

I am in the dark. Don’t have ADD VARIANTS on right click. Working on about 5 prototypes and I am stranded.

Same here.
Everytime I want to add a new variant all my properties are completely reset for the entire variant group

Hoping this is a glitch and will be resolved soon. Hope some others show up here with some answers.

It’s missing for me as well. You can create two separate components and “Combine as variants”, though this workflow isn’t ideal.

On another note, once I created a variant I cannot figure out how to DELETE the variant if I decide I don’t want it anymore… this seems like a bug or an oversight.

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There is an “add variant” button on the top of the page


You can right click on your component and select Main Selection/Variant. This works although not for components that have been dragged in. Weird. Only when you first create it.

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Ah ok. It’s been changed or was that always there and i never noticed it?

Just been changed. Among several other updates after the Figma Config! Took me a while to notice it! Haha

Hey! I did create the variant with the icon in the top bar, but it doesn’t allow me to add variant properties from the sidebar. Something similar happened to someone else?

No I don’t think you can from the sidebar.

If you’re selecting a component that doesn’t have a variant yet, you can add a variant by clicking the icon in the top bar.

If you already have a component with variants, there is a button on the bottom of the group, and you can also add another variant in the dropdown in the side.


The last two images are only possible when something has a variant already.

Would be nice if it is returned to the side bar!


From Figma support…

We introduced Create and use component properties yesterday at Config. Component propertied define which parts of the component people can change by tying them to specific design properties. This allows you to control things like whether layers are visible, if you can swap an icon or change the text, or if are effects applied.

If you don’t want to create component properties that bind to text/boolean/instance or still want to use variant properties, you can initially create a variant property and then add variants (states) to the canvas via the following icon at the top.

How do you add additional values to a property? it’s not allowing me to.