Missing text content group in design panel

Today I just opened my project and noticed in the design panel the “Content” group for text is missing. I can edit the text by double clicking on the object though. Since this option is missing, I cannot create properties for components.

However, when I select a component I made earlier and created a property for it, the content group is now visible in the design tab/panel. If I break the link, then the content group disappears!


I’m not sure if there are any other groups missing for other shape, frame or drawing tools!


  • This happens in all projects.
  • I’ve tried reloading the tabs to no avail.
  • I’ve tried both web and desktop app, same issue.
  • Everything was working when I shut down last night and no updates have occured.
  • Adding text to a new page gives the same no “Content” group in the design tab

Any ideas or anyone else affected?

When working on the master component, I can break the link now and the “Content” group is now visible in the design tab, however, it is NOT working on a standard text object on the page:

A component’s text property can only be added in the main component (by selecting the component itself or its nested layer (but not the nested layer in another component instance)). And judging by your screenshots, the selected text layer is not a nested component layer.

You can also hover over this purple bubble with the “question mark” icon for more details.

Please see this Help Center article:

Maybe I just need a 3rd coffee or I’ve officially gone nuts! :sunglasses: