Missing fonts in prototype - Interactive components

Same error here, using variables in my prototype always having Missing fonts

Still exists. Still ruins your day. :smiley:

Having the same issue. Worked fine forever, now all of a sudden all my fonts are breaking on hover. What is going on here??? please help

Not a fix but maybe helpful,

This happened to me - After a ton of trial and error I found that my interactive components in prototype were only breaking when I was doing a lot of trial & error to get the effect I wanted. (aka adding new elements to the different components, then deleting, etc.) When I redesigned and reattached the items and it worked again (with no missing fonts message)

Same here, the prototype has missing fonts in the browser and also in the Figma iOS App.

The problem was, that the prototype contained heavily modified components that Figma could not update but only restore. After detaching all these components and its children, it worked all perfectly and fixed the problem.

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Just encountered this for the first time. Very disappointing bug to have to explain to a client. Disappointing to learn that it’s still here after 2 years. If it helps - this was with an adobe font that I have loaded locally.

Two and a half years later, this is still a problem. Prototypes work fine for me and my peers but when a client views the prototypes, the text disappears when there’s an interaction like hover or change to. Yes, component properties/variables are being used on the text.

The whole point of having variables is the power of using them!
Please have your team revisit @Josh

Have also just run into this issue. Component properties/variables are crucial for interactions that help bring the prototype to life! Converting to outline does work but it makes adjusting designs afterwards complex.

I encounter this issue because my prototypes use a custom font that has been added to our Figma team. The custom font will work perfectly while viewing the prototype in-app & in browser if I’m logged in (essentially giving me access to the font). If I open the prototype in incognito to simulate the client experience then my components that use the font and have instance swapping will break (worth noting that the font works fine otherwise).

If I change my prototypes to use Arial font then it will work as expected in both cases. Probably because it’s a standard font that everyone has locally? There’s clearly an issue with custom fonts and component variants in prototypes.