Missing font & style when using variable

When a text field with a custom font is tied to a variable, interactively changing the text field causes the font to change to another font (when viewing a flow within the context of a pop-up viewer), sometimes with an erroneous “Missing font” error.

This bug has already lodged, and is infuriating plenty of people, but was automatically closed for no good reason:

Figma: When people take the time to lodge bugs for you, don’t reduce your opportunities to learn from them and provide a better product by closing them when there is no reason to close them.

Hi there,
Thanks for reaching out to the community and sorry to hear you are having issues with font and styles with variables!

Thank you for flagging this topic. For the context, the topic you linked was automatically closed 30 days after the last reply. Still, I have found another similar topic that I’ve replied, can you try first this workaround and see if this helps below? Some users were able to find a fix.

If you think you have another issue and would like us to investigate your issue, please reach out directly to the support team: here Please also include a copy of your file and share it to support-share@figma.com so we can investigate it further. Thanks!