Missing font & style when using variable

I experiencing error while using new variable features in prototype. The text style or properties that I created before won’t applied while running the interactive even then showed “Missing font” popup


Hi, I am experiencing the same problem :frowning: But don’t see the ‘missing font’ popup

Im experiencing the same issue. Im using a font that is definitely installed, but the variable swap renders the font incorrectly and tells me the font is missing.

Same thing here. It seems to be a recurrent problem, since 2021. Not sure how to fix this tho, this bug affects us directly when showing the prototype to the client.

Same here. Swapping out words via a string variable changes the font

I have the same problem.
It interferes with user testing :unamused:

Same issue, @figma help!

I reported this in June after the release of variables, with a demo file, and it’s still broken. We are unable to update a single text layer with a variable. This makes prototyping extremely difficult if you care about maintaining the integrity of the design and components.

What is the status?


The issue makes me reverting all component that containing variable logic. The features is useless at the end…

Same issue for me… and not only font bold font… :cry:

I am encountering the same issue.

The font and styles are very much available as it’s part of our core brand library. The variable layers seem to just break.I explored detaching the font from the style but it doesn’t have any impact.

At the moment I can either have an accurate prototype or an accurate design, not both.
An acknowledgement or update from @Figma would be good in this thread.

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Seriously, this feature is useless and it was last time I used Figma prototyping. So many bugs that it’s really unreliable. What if there’s another bug like that (and I consider this a MAJOR bug) and we have to wait few months for a fix? I am sitting here losing my hair trying to find a solution

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